Bang For Your Buck: Dallas Tech. Industry Workers Have The Advantage!

There are more great reasons to enjoy living in Dallas if you’re a tech-person! 

As I’ve previously mentioned, Dallas has become one of the new great tech-hubs within the country, the “new Silicon Valley” as they call it. And this is no exception when it comes to the PAY that future workers in the Dallas tech industry can look forward to! 

According to a report published on January 11th by Austin-based tech company Spanning Cloud Apps LLC, workers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area can expect more than DOUBLE their pay when they work in a tech job. DFW actually ranks fourth among the country’s largest metro areas for the pay advantage in tech fields versus all other occupations. The median annual pay for a tech-job worker in Dallas stood at $91,760 in 2019 compared to the annual pay for other occupations at $40,430. And on the heels of that, that data signifies that the area’s median tech pay is actually 127 PERCENT higher than the median pay for all other occupations! Whew, you tech-geeks certainly have something to cheer about! 

Dallas is home to some of the very best technology-oriented places to work in the industries. These companies include but are not limited to:

  • AT&T

  • Pinnacle Group

  • Telvista

  • Infogroup

  • Tellabs

  • Mercado Labs

  • Solera

  • Texas Instruments

  • O9 Solutions

And so much more! Dallas truly is a great place to live for all things technology and the same can be said for its wonderful apartment options for those of you getting ready for your new tech job! My strongest apartment recommendations are The Lure, Residence at Lake Highlands, The Muse, Sierra Park, and Residence at Midtown. All of these apartments offer affordable living options and amenities you won’t want to miss as you get ready to meet each new day in the DFW tech industry!

Scout ahead for the future and move to Dallas! I really can’t cement how great of a city it is when it comes to convenience and new career opportunities! If you’re someone looking for a new adventure in the big city with an exciting focus on technology, Dallas is definitely the place for you!


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Jan 18