Dallas ROCKS!

Ready for some killer riffs, man?  

Okay, now that my attempts to sound punk have totally fallen on its face, let’s talk about a really neat event taking place in Dallas this May!

The Dallas International Guitar Festival is the largest and oldest guitar show in the world! At this exciting festival, guests can listen to a thrilling blend of great music while also getting the chance to browse through a great selection of instruments, collector’s items, and more! Visitors will also have the chance to buy, sell, trade, or shop through thousands upon thousands of exquisite vintage guitars--the perfect opportunity for any major music lover! 

And the absolute BEST thing about this festival is that there will be opportunities to listen to live music with a great selection of the best local and regional bands in the area! Running to May 2, the Dallas International Guitar Festival has all the musical mayhem, adventure, and heart-pumping excitement of a truly great experience you won’t want to miss! 

I can honestly say that Dallas is the KING when it comes to entertainment and festivals, as there is always something going on in the area throughout the year. Even during Covid, I still find that the city is never boring for a moment! And if you’re living at great places like the Muse, the Lure, and Residence at Midtown, you’ll find that living here is both affordable and convenient thanks to a booming economy and a great selection of tech. Industry jobs to take advantage of.

The Dallas International Guitar Festival runs from April 30th to May 2nd at the Dallas Market Hall. For more information about this great event, or just for a full listing of the festival’s main performers, you can visit their website HERE

I absolutely love rock music so this definitely sounds like something up my alley. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for some major action to share with your buddies. Just make sure to wear your mask and practice safe social distancing!


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Apr 27